Pixel 7 pro at $225+tax with bestbuy iphone 11 trade-in from metro at $130+tax

By | November 22, 2022 8:08 am EST

Metro has the $50 for iphone 11 deal, which is worth 525 trade-in value at BB. All you need to pay is $50 for iphone 11, $60 for one month service, and $20 activation fee.
I did this at a corporate store. I tried with $40 plan first, they refused, and I did not insist. They then tried to charge me $10 insurance. I refused and showed them the official website. They insisted for a while, and gave up finally.
You can get a $50 gift card after three months of service, which I found not worth it. Instead, I immediately called to downgrade to the $30 plan. They cannot refund me the difference, but the credit carries on for the next month. So you paid 130+tax for a iphone 11 and two month service.
I went on to trade in the iphone at BB for pixel 7 pro. The total cost is 225+tax. In some states, the total 525 is tax free, but in other states, only 350 is tax free, and the rest 175 is treated as a gift card. So depends on your state, you either pay 225+tax, or 400+tax-175.
Finally, I called Metro to transfer the line to the new Pixel 7 pro, since I cannot do it online for some reason. The rep was trying to charge me $20 for doing that. I argued it makes no sense since I am not activating a new line but simply want to switch a phone. The rep gave up. I was able to use the esim for the Metro line.

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