OrangeA Linear Rail 2 Set SBR20-1000mm 2 Linear Rail Guide and 4SBR20UU Bearing Block Linear Slide Guide: Industrial & Scientific $47.59

By | November 22, 2022 5:38 pm EST

This is the Vevor linear rails 20mm bar dia and 1000mm long.
Way lower price than I had paid before.
This is great for a router sled, or even a circular saw sled for a simple crosscut station.
I use 3 sets of these for slabs. 2 sets running lengthwise (butt to butt) to give me 2000mm in length, and 1 set running across it giving me a 700-800mm smooth side to side sled control. Get a ?" aluminum plate, and now you’re planing wood.
Good luck. And if you get really creative, you can come up with all sorts of great things to use these for.

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