Ancestry Gift Membership – Including gift to self – 50% off

By | November 24, 2022 4:52 am EST

Once and sometimes twice per year, Ancestry offers 50% off ‘Gift’ Memberships. Now is that time. I have successfully taken advantage for several years, as it usually coincides with Black Friday. Despite being advertised as ‘gifts’, this works perfectly well if you enter your own email as the recipient.
In my opinion, this keeps the normally-exorbitant membership price more reasonable. For researching, really is the leading platform for researching your family tree.
My recommendation: If you want to keep an ongoing membership, go for 1-yr and repeat next BF. If you only want to dabble, send yourself a shorter membership, do your research before it expires, and hold off until next year if you want to explore more (more documents become available all the time).

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