M12 fuel 1.6 gallon vacuum with 6 ah battery and charger 129 $129

By | November 25, 2022 12:40 am EST

Seems other sites have this vacuum without the charger and battery for the same price. Home depot also sells it without the battery at 139 but you get a free gift which is a bag of vac tools.
I hear it drains batteries so the 6ah set is probably better. It pulls a respectable 45 cfms and 44 inches of waterlift. The packout m18 has higher stats but unfortunately I’m on the m12 system and dewalt 20v for some reason. Dewalt for some reason doesn’t have a decent cordless vac despite having a sister brand which has been making cordless vacs for a long time ie black and decker dustbuster. I think bosch and makita have higher cfm cordless vacs but lower waterlift stats.

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