1-Year Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $32.80 for New/Expired Members Only [Conversion Deal]

By | January 12, 2023 11:40 am EST

CDKeys has 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Turkey – Email Delivery) for $31.79.
New / Expired Xbox Game Pass members can convert Xbox Live Gold membership to Game Pass Ultimate at 1:1 ratio. Any prepaid time up to the maximum of three years gets the upgrade. VPN is required for redeeming the code(s).
Steps are only for New / Expired Xbox Game Pass members:

  1. Purchase 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Turkey – Email Delivery). **VPN not required for purchase.**
  2. Create Free Account on Windscribe VPN and Download App or Chrome Extension . You can also use Urban VPN or your own VPN service/app.
  3. Connect to Turkey on Windscribe VPN or using your own VPN service/app. Check if you are connected to Turkey using Whatismyipaddress.com
  4. Redeem your Xbox Live Gold code(s) without agreeing to recurring billing.
    • You can stack up to three years of Xbox Live Gold.
  5. Disconnect VPN.
  6. Join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by purchasing your first month for $1 (If the price shows as $14.99, you can purchase 1-Month Game Pass Ultimate for $3.29 and redeem). Don’t enable auto renewal when asked.
  7. Total is $31.79 + $1 = $32.79

You will be prompted to upgrade your Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate with a 1:1 conversion. The renewal date should be the same as your Xbox live gold, plus 1 month (Maximum 36 months).
Note: Active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can convert 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership to 4-month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
About Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold and over 100 high-quality games to play with friends on console, PC, phones, and tablets, and an EA Play membership, all for one low monthly price.

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