Gems of 2022: 7 Steam games for $23 (Humble Bundle)

By | January 21, 2023 1:44 pm EST

Humble Bundle has 7-Game Gems of 2022 (PC Digital Download) on sale for $23.
Note, Steam account and client application required to redeem code / play (free to register).
Bundle Includes:

  • Prehistoric Kingdom
  • ZERO Sievert
  • Submerged: Hidden Depths
  • Supraland Six Inches Under
  • Haiku, the Robot
  • PowerSlave Exhumed
  • Source of Madness

Bundle Description
Discover some of the best, brightest gems of 2022 with this bundle of acclaimed 2022 games you might have missed! Scavenge, survive, and snipe in the end-of-the-world wasteland of ZERO Sievert. Explore the world waiting just below the surface of the first-person metroidvania Supraland Six Inches Under. Delve into the depths of a mechanical world in Haiku, the Robot. Get a treasury of premium games you won’t want to miss, and help support Global Foodbanking Network with your purchase!…-gems-2022

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