Verizon Wireless – 5 lines of service for under $100 (YMMV) $99

By | January 23, 2023 2:28 pm EST

Switched to Verizon and realized I may have hit the mother of all wireless deals so I figured I’d share:
Pre-requisite to get the best deal: Verizon FIOS 1GB service, The more your own devices you bring, the better the deal
1. Go to and browse to Unlimited 5G plans
2. Select to mix and match your lines, pick 5 (doesn’t matter if you just need 3, it’s cheaper to have 5) –
3. Select the plans you want, Play more gets you Disney+ for free, Do more gets you 600GB online storage and 1x travel pass per day (accumulates to 12 per year). The cheapest plan is 5G Start
4. The discounts to get you the price you want:
a. Bring your own device (Get more, Play more, do More – $500 split across 3 years or $13.88 per month). 5G Start is $360 per year or $10 off.
b. 1GB fios service will give you mobile+home discount, that’s $10 per month per line
c. Automatic payment (Debit/Checking account is required or use Verizon credit card, this will give you $10 off per month per line and 2% off if VZ credit card is used)
d. Loyalty discount, 4+ lines, $20 off per month
e. Home+ wireless will take off another 10 bux off your FIOS bill as well (YMMV, mine went down to $69.99)
Keep in mind the fine print:
Every single line will have activation charges (any issues with your phones, call in and request them removed):
$35 activation charge and $10-$20 fees on top of that, per line
Now, if you want to buy a new phone, you are eligible to get up to $200 when porting in (the trade in values for phones are enhanced – keep in mind that using your own phone is $500, hard to beat that)
My current bill for 5 lines is well under $100, hope this helps.
My lines are: Play more, do more, 3x start 5G. I have BYOD on 4 of my lines ($13.88+ $13.88+ $10, + $10 off)
Bonus: They have a program to sign up for ESPN+ for $25 and then you can get NetFlix 4k plan for a year ($240 value)

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