BSN synth S&S and select account coupons for 25% off $35.29 for 5lbs

By | March 4, 2023 12:09 pm EST…5d1bc0d642
While checking out the proteins since they are popping up, saw this was a potential for the "select amazon accounts" getting 25% off. This was the cheapest from this brand that I noticed, total came to $35.29 with the 25% off and the 5% from s&s, so could be up to 10% off from s&s making it a bit cheaper. Haven’t tried this brand since 2015, so other people can comment on how good or bad it is now. Oh and the flavor is chocolate peanut butter.
Other flavors and types(whey/isolate) had a variety of prices.…158&sr=8-5
This was the isolate version of this flavor, came to $40.72.

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