Petco – Aqueon 60 Gallon Breeder tank on sale 50% off..$99.00

By | March 8, 2023 10:18 am EST

The Aqueon 60 gallon breeder size is on sale at Petco for $99.00 but I am not sure how long the sale is going on for (the sales associate said till the end of the month when I called to ask, but I doubt that is the case). I also got an additional 15% off with their "pay online/pick up in store" deal. After tax total was $90.09.
(FYI this tank has the same footprint as a 75 gallon just shorter height…16.5" I believe…so lids and stands for a 75 gallon will fit this tank)
This is the first time Ive seen this size on sale so I thought I’d share.…-h-3406911

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