Kraft Real Mayo, 8-oz. ($1.25 at Dollar Tree)

By | March 9, 2023 5:02 pm EST

Not everything at the Dollar (.25) Store is a great deal – let’s start out with saying that. I’ve seen these small containers of Kraft mayo in the past and ignored them, but… I just recently ran out of one of my squeezy bottles of mayo and realize how much mayo has increased in price.
The Dollar Tree bottle of Kraft May can be deceiving – it’s actually 8oz, which is half of a pound. Duke’s Mayo at Target is $4.49 for the 18 oz squeeze bottle (which is barely 2x larger than the Dollar Tree 8 oz size). Walmart is selling Kraft Mayo for $4.98 in the 22 oz size (less than 3 of the 8oz sizes). Rural King has Kraft Mayo in the squeeze bottle for $2.99 – but, that one is only 12 oz, which about the size of 1 and and a half of the Dollar Tree containers.
Finally, yes, you can probably find a 3 gallon tub at Costco or Sams for only $15, but the problem with mayo is that once you open it – the clock starts ticking on its lifespan. Mayo, real mayo, doesn’t last that long… it’s not like Frank’s Red Hot. The benefit of these small tubs is that they also allow your mayo to stay very fresh, as they’re only 8oz a container. I wouldn’t make a special trip for this deal, but I know a lot of us visit the Dollar Tree on occasion. So, if you’re there – I just think their 8oz containers of Kraft Real Mayo are one of those "under the radar" deals.…8oz/100198

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