Spectrum Mobile: S23 Series – $600 credit ancient trade-ins accepted

By | May 14, 2023 2:06 pm EST

Spectrum Mobile is now accepting ancient trade-ins for their $600 credit on S23 series, S23, S23+, S23 ultra. Successfully tested with Samsung S3, LG V30, iPhone 6, Pixel 2 128GB (Og pixel not working ). This $600 trade-in promo has been going on since Feb, but only recently expanded to these ancient trade-ins (see attached photos). The trade-in list is huge for Samsung, seems to cover most of their S, Note, and A series.
Read the wiki! Important information from previous threads will be posted there.
Key details:
1) Make sure to pay for your selected S23 series completely upfront instead of over 36 months.
2) Could take up to 2 billing cycles to get your trade-in credit. Call Spectrum to refund your trade-in credit to your credit card once your trade-in credit is applied.
3) Spectrum mobile service is needed while you wait for your trade-in credit. Depending on your overall Spectrum plan, could be free to $30 per month.
4) Spectrum unlock policy is 60 days, but SDers mention the call center will unlock immediately if the phone is fully paid off.
5) If you do not have an ancient phone in good condition to trade-in, an acceptable trade-in is the Samsung A03s with a years service for $40. Good for tracfone plan harvesters to dump their unused cell phones.

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