Bestbuy ATT Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra 128 GB for $649 (with a possibility of unlock)

By | May 20, 2023 6:55 am EST

Didn’t see this posted before Bestbuy has 128 gb s22 for $349 and s22 ultra for $649…Variations
And here’s how you can get it unlocked and cancel the service with only paying the activation fee. YMMV though but reported to working in recent bestbuy s21 FE and pixel 6 deals.
If you are thinking about getting this and then cancel the line and unlock the phone read on about what we learnt from the FP deal on AT&T z fold 3 deal .
1. ATT changed their unlock policy on 3/18 (middle of the z fold 3 deal perhaps due to SD effect) to require 60 days of service before they can unlock a fully paid device. Previously, it used to be right away if you have paid in full.
2. There two timeline for the cancellation. If you cancel a line before 3 days it was active then the activation fee is waived. If you cancel it within 14 days from activation under buyers remorse then no bill is charged but activation fees need to be paid. The line activates on right when you place the order not the day you receive the phone on hand so you might have to pay the activation fee of $35.
3. You can use a tello number and port to ATT but you would have to make sure porting is successful by going to Many from z fold 3 got stuck in porting limbo and got the ATT account cancelled.
4. As with many deals here, a SIM swap method is found which can be used to unlock the device. This was working recently but not sure if ATT would fix it by the time you try it. The steps are as follows.
a. Pay in full for the phone.
b. When you receive the phone activate it on ATT with the SIM provided. Make sure it shows up on myATT app/in the web so ATT knows and registers the IMEI in the network. Then put the SIM in another unlocked phone, reboot, make some calls and make sure this unlocked phone is now showing under the line in app/web portal.
c. Now go to ATT unlock portal and then choose not an ATT customer and use the IMEI of s22 ultra and submit an unlock request.
d.Confirm the unlock request email and receive the unlock code.
e. Only cancel the line after you have unlocked the phone.
Many of us have got it to work and have an unlocked z fold 3 now. Hope this helps! Please report back so we know if this still works.

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