Memorial Day Sale – 50% off factory reconditioned, 30% off almost everything else @ Direct Tools Outlet

By | May 26, 2023 11:12 am EST

There is a $14.99 flat rate shipping added to your final costs. This sale is good if you’re looking to purchase many items to spread the shipping costs. Generally you’d have to be okay with taking on the risks of buying reconditioned (refurbished) products. This sale is not for everyone.
This sale will last until end of the day on May 29th, 11:59 eastern time zone.
Generally %50 off is one of their largest general discount for factory reconditioned products (refurbished/used).
30% off everything else is average for their factory blemished (new) products.
The popular Ryobi ONE+ dual function inflator/deflator is available as a refurbished product for a decent price. $20.00
Extremely budget friendly cordless string trimmer/edger (refurbished) with 1.5Ah battery and charger for really cheap.…t/ZRP20130 $22.50
Another string trimmer/edger with battery and charger (refurbished)…ct/ZRP2030 $25.00
200CFM/90MPH Blower w/ 2Ah battery and charger (refurbished)…ct/ZRP2190 $25.00
160MPH Compact Workshop blower (refurbished) $25.00
If you want essentially brand new, you buy the factory blemished products. They typically include the standard 3-year warranty for most products.
If you don’t mind refurbished products at a slightly larger discount, you buy the factory reconditioned products. They are provided with a 1-year warranty through Direct Tools Outlet themselves. YMMV as some people claim that products are typically loosely packed with little protection and some people claim they’ve received used and/or damaged goods. Personally my experience, I’ve bought over 10+ products within 2 orders and they all arrived fine for me though. Products do have a "recon" indentation burned into them, which would not affect usage.

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