Govee 9″ Smart Turbo Air Circulator Fan with WiFi and Bluetooth. All Time Low. $24

By | September 2, 2023 3:38 pm EST

$24 for the Govee 9" Smart Turbo Air Circulator Fan H7111 with code BREEZE-CAD BREEZE-CAD. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and the Govee Home app. Also works with Govee Hygrometers/Thermometers (H5179, H5177, H5174, H5075) to adjust wind speed. Most comparable to the Vornado 560 in terms of CFM and Db and performance.…ulator-fan
Taken from a Canadian site and seems to be working on the US site:
BREEZE-CAD gives 20% off the fans and air circulators.
SPLASH-CAD- works for 12% off on all water sensors.
BOOM and FRIEND-FC2JWKZ for 10% off a lot of other random products including some tv lights- keep trying in your cart.

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