Satisfye – ZenGrip Pro Gen 3 OLED Nintendo Switch Grip w/ 25% Coupon $33.74

By | September 15, 2023 12:51 pm EST

Many online reviews and YouTube videos highly praise these Satisfye ZenGrips saying they make handheld gaming on the Nintendo Switch a whole lot more comfortable during extended sessions. I had pre-ordered this exact grip a couple years ago for my OLED Switch, but after waiting 4x months for shipping direct from Satisfye I gave up and cancelled. This popped up as recommended to me on Amazon this morning w/ a 25% Coupon (that works on each color grip as well) no less! I didn’t even realize Amazon sold these, but might as well order from them for the fast shipping as well. According to CCC, these have not touched this price point for the past year as they now retail for $44.99 normally.…=UTF8&th=1

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