IRWIN Hammer, Rip Claw Hammer, Ergonomic Textured Grip, 16 OZ (IWHT51216) Free Shipping on orders $45+ (Lowe’s) or w. Prime / $25+ (Amazon) $13.98

By | September 15, 2023 9:46 pm EST

Lowe’s and due to a price match also Amazon have the Irwin rip claw hammers (16oz, 20oz, 22oz head weight) on sale.
16oz for $13.98, previously $19.98
20oz and 22oz $14.99 each, previously $21.98 / $23.98
Product description:
The IRWIN 16 oz. Steel Claw Hammer is the perfect blend between form and function. Blending the strength of solid forged steel construction with superior grip comfort it is ideal for all day use. Its smooth striking face is perfect for finish work

  • One Piece Steel for strength and longevity
  • Ergonomic textured grip for improved comfort and control
  • Magnetic Nail Starter for 1 handed nail placement
  • Built to reduce vibration and transfer less shock
  • Axe style grip for non-slip and added comfort
  • Textured Finger Rest on Grip for added stability and control when doing more precise work
  • Smooth Face
  • Handle Length (Inches) 12…5014402267

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