Milwaukee M12 and M18 Free Tool with purchase of Starter Kit, $99, $199, or $299

By | June 25, 2019 10:57 am EST

Buy a starter kit from Home Depot and get a free tool.…=309029763
M12 options are $99 and include two batteries, charger, bag, and your choice of stapler, rotary tool, oscillating tool, right angle drill, inflator, and flood light.
M18 options for $199 include two batteries (2ah and 5ah), charger bag, and your choice of radio, sander, wet/dry vac, Rover light, reciprocating saw, and drywall cut-out tool.
M18 options for $299 include larger batteries (5ah and 9ah), charger, bag, and your choice of surge impact driver, angle grinder, jig saw, Rocket tower light, circular saw, and sawzall.

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